S1M6 "Who Will Benefit"

Not every educational course is suitable for every person.

As this course requires a large commitment of time and effort, it is really important that you ensure that the course is right for you before you sign up.

Who this course isn't for...

People looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme.

People looking for an automated trading system that will do all the work for them.

People looking for the 'holy grail' strategy that will succeed with every single trade.

People who don't want to invest time, effort and dedication to learning to trade.

Who this course is for...

Beginner traders who want to learn from scratch.

Advanced traders who want to improve their trading by learning a consistent trading approach.

Traders who want to learn a consistently profitable method of trading.

Traders who want to develop a customised trading plan that capitalises on your skill set and work habits.

Traders who want to trade in a business-like manner, with a professional approach.

Traders who want to consistently optimise and improve their results through increases in skill.

Traders who are ready to put in time and effort, to achieve world-class profitability.

This course is designed to make anyone who completes it, and utilises the information correctly, a complete trader.

This means I will not just be teaching a few strategies or tools that work in the market, but taking a holistic view on what it means to excel at trading.

To be great in the markets means taking a view on various aspects of yourself and the activities that you are doing, it is not enough to simply know how one strategy works and to attempt to apply that to the market.

Becoming a Great 'Market' Chef

A great chef cannot perform without great ingredients and recipe. This is an attitude that applies equally to trading.

Once you have ensured you are taking the best personal approach to be on the path to success, you will then learn the tools required also. The result will be you being competent to shape these elements into a strategy that works specifically for you.

We won't waste time teaching easily available tools and strategies which do not work. We only focus on the ones that make a real difference and will improve your trading performance.

So if you notice there are some common tools or strategies missing from the course this is only because these tools don't work.

We only ever teach you exactly what you need to know, without unnecessary information or irrelevant elaboration.

Becoming Unconsciously Competent

Through the skills gained on this course and the experience obtained by applying this in the market, our aim is to instil in you‘unconscious competence’. This means you will feel entirely comfortable trading the markets and even able to teach others.

Essentially, you will be trading like it is second nature.

If you are a complete beginner you may currently be at a stage of ‘conscious incompetence’ (as defined by the Four Stages of Competence theory), meaning you don’t yet know about trading or its values to your life, perhaps you don’t even know if you want to learn yet. Alternatively you may have ‘conscious incompetence’, whereby you understand trading but you are aware that you do not have enough skills and therefore struggle to make a profit – in effect you are still learning from your mistakes.

If one of these options is true for you, then you have a real advantage in learning to trade. It means you haven’t yet formed incorrect habits or perceptions of the market. With this clean slate you can learn the correct way of trading from scratch without having to ‘unlearn’ any information.

There is a lot to learn, but if you take it in your stride you can master trading without much difficulty. Don’t feel daunted, you are about to undertake an exciting, potentially life-changing journey!

If you are an experienced and profitable trader, you are at a stage of ‘conscious competence’.You know how to trade, but you really need to work hard using conscious involvement in your execution to make a profit..

If you're still reading about learning to trade, we can assume that something has not been going right for you, most likely, you aren’t making the money you desire. We would therefore conclude you are unlikely to be at a stage ofunconscious competence’.

If any of this sounds like you, our suggestion is that you take this course from start to finish. At the very least you will be affirming that you are trading in the best possible manner.

When participating in the tasks and activities of the course, adopt an open mind in order to gain a new understanding of the market.

If you have some trading experience you will have certain habits, procedures and beliefs hard wired from your prior trading experiences. Now is the time to be prepared to accept new information so you can become profitable at any level you desire.

Resistance during this process will make it impossible to adopt new approaches which will be detrimental to your learning experience and the value received from this course.

As philosopher George Santayana said “Habit is stronger than reason”, but if you allow yourself to do something different you will enjoy the clear progress that you achieve. If you can put habit aside, your experience will serve to give your learning perspective and become an asset.

Although it is always tempting to get straight on to ‘the good stuff’ and learn about the trading tools, creating your strategy and observing the examples, maximum progress will be accomplished by proceeding from start to finish on this course.

Focusing solely on the tools of trading without adequate personal preparation will lead to unnecessary losses. Failure to prepare equals preparing to fail – a situation to avoid.