S1M5 "Course Syllabus"

Let's take a look at the journey we're about to embark on together. In this module we'll overview the entire course step-by-step, in order to understand what topics we'll be learning and why.

This course is made up of around 15 hours of theoretical lectures, practical 'chart module' lectures and highly detailed accompanying texts -- this will ensure you fully understand how to trade the Duomo Method regardless of your skill set and trading history.

Section 1 : Introduction

S1M1 : Welcome to Our Course

S1M2 : About the Course

S1M3 : About Us

S1M4 : Why Should You Learn to Trade?

S1M5 : Course Syllabus

S1M6 : Who Will Benefit?

Section 2 : Preparing Yourself for Trading

S2M1 : What Do You Want to Achieve?

S2M2 : Choosing Your Trading Hours

S2M3 : Assessing Your Current Strengths

S2M4 : Creating Your Individual Plan

S2M5 : Starting a Trading Journal

S2M6 : How to Use Your Trading Journal

Section 3 : Introduction to the Markets

S3M1 : What Are the Financial Markets?

S3M2 : Supply and Demand

S3M3 : Pricing an Asset

S3M4 : The Forex Market

S3M5 : Types of Market Movement (Part 1)

S3M6 : How Can You Profit from Market Movements?

S3M7 : The Duomo Market Theory

Section 4 : Introduction to the Charts

S4M1 : Choosing a Broker and Charting Software

S4M2 : How We Map the Price Movements

S4M3 : Types of Market Movement (Part 2)

S4M4 : Types of Candlesticks

S4M5 : Chart Time Frames

S4M6 : Chart Objects

S4M7 : Chart Indicators

S4M8 : Getting Started in the Market

Section 5 : Introduction to the Duomo Method

S5M1 : Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis

S5M2 : The Importance of Keeping Things Logical

S5M3 : Optimisation and Utilising Data

S5M4 : Significant Levels

S5M5 : Hierarchy of Time Frames

S5M6 : Your Customised Trading Plan

Section 6 : Risk and Money Management

S6M1 : Why Does Risk Matter?

S6M2 : How Can We Reduce Our Risk Levels?

S6M3 : Using Stop Losses and Take Profit Levels

S6M4 : Position Sizing

S6M5 : Money Management Techniques

Section 7 : Significant Levels

S7M1 : Introduction to Significant Levels

S7M2 : What are Significant Levels?

S7M3 : How Does a Level Become Significant?

S7M4 : How Do We Profit from a Significant Level?

S7M5 : How to Identify Failure at a Significant Level

S7M6 : Horizontal Significant Levels

S7M7 : Support and Resistance Lines

S7M8 : Swing High / Low

Section 8 : Trend Lines

S8M1 : What Are Trend Lines?

S8M2 : When to Use Trend Lines

S8M3 : Baseline Trend Lines

S8M4 : Micro Trend Lines

Section 9 : Introduction to Advanced Techniques

S9M1 : Reversal Zones

S9M2 : Darvas Boxes (The Duomo Variation)

S9M3 : Introduction to Fibonacci

S9M4 : Fibonacci Retracements

S9M5 : Fibonacci Extensions

S9M6 : Fibonacci Duomo Grid

Section 10 : Introduction to Indicators

S10M1 : Introduction to Indicators

S10M2 : When Do We Use Indicators?

S10M3 : Moving Average Indicators

S10M4 : Volume Indicators

S10M5 : Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator

S10M6 : Value Chart Indicator

Section 11 : Micro-Strategy / Price Action

S11M1 : What Is Micro-Strategy?

S11M2 : What Is Price Action?

S11M3 : Reading the Trend

S11M4 : Reading the Momentum

S11M5 : Chart Patterns

Section 12 : Building Your Customised Trading System

S12M1 : What Is a Trading System?

S12M2 : Playing to Your Strengths

S12M3 : Forming Your Base

S12M4 : Adding the Support Network

S12M5 : Setting the Rules

S12M6 : Tracking and Keeping Yourself Honest

Section 13 : Psychology and Mind-set

S13M1 : What Is Trading Psychology?

S13M2 : Becoming Emotionally Neutral In the Market

S13M3 : Anchoring Our States

S13M4 : Realigning Our Pleasure and Pain

S13M5 : Adapt Like Water, Absorb Like a Sponge

S13M6 : How to Adopt a Liquid Mind-set

S13M7 : How to Become a Market Sponge

S13M8 : Simple Ways to Improve Your Mind and Body for Trading

Section 14 : Optimising Your Trading Performance

S14M1 : The Key to Successful Trading

S14M2 : Creating Your Work Terminal

S14M3 : Building Your Own Trading Assistant

S14M4 : Understanding Your Personal Edge

Section 15 : Optimising Your Trading System

S15M1 : What Does Optimising Your Trading System Mean?

S15M2 : Understanding the Process

S15M3 : The 4 Stages

Section 16 : Conclusion and Next Steps in Success

S16M1 : You're Ready for the Markets

S16M2 : What's Next?