S1M3 "About Us"

As you can already see, this course is absolutely packed with content.

We have combined amazingly detailed text lectures with around 15 hours of information-rich video lessons.

However this would mean nothing, if the content was useless.

So before we get going with the course, I think it's important that you get to know who we are and, more importantly, WHY we are so keen to teach you what we have learned about the financial markets.

You see, most online trading 'mentors', have never traded profitably -- or if they have, it has been at a time that markets were continuously rising! Those are times when ANYONE could have made money.

So allow me to take you on a journey back to 2012 when I co-founded PuriCassar AG with Dr. Alexander Cassar. You'll also hear about my embarrassment when I was laughed out of our Swiss lawyer’s offices!

Let’s go

through some of the key players that you have heard about in the video.

PuriCassar AG

PuriCassar AG is based in Zurich, Switzerland and was co-founded by Dr. Alexander Cassar and myself (Nicholas Puri).

Since 2012, PuriCassar AG has traded in the financial markets on our own behalf (proprietary trading) and on behalf of our individual and institutional clients.

After consistently hitting phenomenal returns in the market we decided to turn our trading strategy into an automated system. We partnered with a physicist and built our algorithmic trading system.

We not only managed to build a successful trading system, but in the process, we discovered a new market theory.

The Duomo Initiative

The Duomo Initiative was launched in 2014 as a division of PuriCassar. Since its launch, we have successfully taught thousands of students world-wide.

This division was created in order to introduce our market theory to the world, and allow people access to our unique and successful method of trading.

At PuriCassar AG we realised that it's extremely difficult to manage money on behalf of 'ordinary' clients, rather than 'sophisticated investors' due to regulatory constraints. This meant we couldn't provide wealth generating returns for the people that would benefit most.

Therefore, we decided that to teach people to make fantastic returns for themselves! As the saying goes "If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime".

Nicholas A. Puri

I am a professional trader. My trading experience spans more than a decade, in a variety of markets. In fact, there aren't many major markets that I haven't traded.

I received a Bachelor of Management and Strategy from Aston Business School in Birmingham, UK. Following this, I enjoyed a successful banking career in London. During this time, I was in a team working closely with celebrity clients at Coutts Bank (famed for being the bank that the Queen uses).

I am extremely passionate about trading and the discoveries we have made at PuriCassar AG. I have been amazed by the incredible predictions we are able to make on a daily basis in a variety of markets. Because of my passion for trading, and interest in people, it gives me great satisfaction to deliver all our course content to you personally.

Dr. Alexander Cassar

Dr. Cassar is an accomplished professional with over two decades of hands on experience in management science and its practice. In this time he has delivered complex large-scale programmes in banking and financial services.

He has an impressive professional résumé, having spent many years as the 'go to' consultant for all regulations and IT infrastructure changes within major banks and financial institutions worldwide.

He is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive knowledge of financial services regulations, business operational risk processes and products.

He has 15 years management experience at a senior level, managing up to 250+ operational resources in financial services, as well as complex portfolios of EUR 100M+ and 'mission critical' end-to-end business-led transformation programmes.

If some of this is hard to comprehend because you don't have experience in the financial industry - don't be concerned. Be assured that we have exemplary experience in the financial industry and have drawn on this knowledge in creating this comprehensive course. This is a critical factor when teaching people how to trade, since most online educators and mentors have never experienced the ins and outs of this complex industry - this means they are likely to assume things, rather than REALLY knowing the answers that work and what is industry best practice.